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Rice cooker pillaw
Rice cooker pillaw

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The ingredients needed to prepare Rice cooker pillaw:
  1. You need For rice
  2. You need 2 cups rice(not used basmati) soaked 1 hour
  3. Use 2 cups plain water
  4. Get 2 tablespoons cooking oil
  5. Get 1 teaspoon salt
  6. Prepare Spices:cumin seed 1 teaspoon,1 tsp ground cumin
  7. Take 1 blck crdmon(opt),3 white cardamn,4 clves,quatr tspn blak seedz
  8. Provide 2-3 medium Bay leaves
  9. Get For sauce:
  10. Use Small halal chicken,marinatd in ginger garlic, salt curry powder
  11. You need Spices:1 teaspoon salt, 6 presoaked whole black pepper corns
  12. Use Spices:zaatar 1 teaspn(option), 1tspn grwnd cumin masala,2 clvs
  13. You need Quater cups water
  14. Use 1 medium white onion
  15. Take 4 medium potatoes
  16. Get 4 table spoon Cooking oil
  17. Get For salted onion salad/kachumbari
  18. Prepare For salting:small red onions,1 table spoon salt,1 cup hot water
  19. Prepare 3 small carrots,handful corriander (garnish option)
  20. You need 2 medium tomatoe(option), half cucumber(option)
  21. Take 1 lemon,1 teaspoon salt(to add after mixing in end)
Instructions to make Rice cooker pillaw:
  1. Ingredients :
  2. Soak the rice with about 1 cup of water.can use warm but not hot water (just enof to cover all the rice surface).soak for about 1 hour.while you wait you can prep the sauce(that will go in rice kater on)
  3. Prep chicken and onions
  4. Put oil in pan,fry the onions,stir from time to time until golden brown
  5. Prep potaoteos meanwhile.peel and slice lebthwuse then in half add to the browned onion.and cook briefly.then add half of the spice(pre placed in a dish).leave out spice for the rice,so leave the bau leaves and the black cardamom.put in zaatar,black seed and other spice(see list)
  6. Stir and keep cheking for few mins,and then add chicken..add little water about quatr cup abt then cover and let cook low heat for until chicken is cooked and no red color coming out of chicken(sorry for over descriptive)
  7. Once cooked,can leave aside until rice is ready to be cooked
  8. Can niw remove pour out the water from the riceto remove some starch and as if a rince thru too inshaallah!!.cover the rice dish with o cover leave the one edges side slightly open then gently hold the lid so the rice dibt fall and pour all water as you can.(.its easuer if you face dush infront of you while pouring!)
  9. Put into rice cooker pot,tigether with 2 tablespoon cooking oil,the rest of the spice (see ingrds list),then add the 2 cup warm -hot water.switch on rice cooker and let cook until rice half done.if the rice cooker goes to warm just press back to cook.cover the lid and let rice cooker do its work alhamdulillah!!(this may or lay not happen).the rice may cook fast.so be ready to add the sauce(and chicken stalk in sauce)
  10. After rice about half way cooked, add all the chicken and potato and sauce.stir from time to time (using no sharp objects)so that without breaking the rice too much. Cover,let cook abit more then check for salt and rice grains…if stil undercooked can add quater more cup of water.try not to overdo the water.leave cook in rice cooker while you carry on with other preps.
  11. Prep the salted onions by boiling kettle water and then adding salt to it then add thinly sliced red onions,*thus helps remove or reduce the harshness of the onions,while still crunchy),and sliced carrots to soften them.
  12. After adding into hot water,can leave in until water is cooled(about 15 or so mins) and can use gloved or ungloved ckean hands to slightly squash the water out of the onions…if some little water remains it's ok.chop corriander and set aside
  13. Now can add all ingredients in a bowl and then mix with fork or spoon add fresh lemon juiced and a teaspoon of salt.can also add sliced salad leaves if prefer. salad ralish/kachumberi is ready.
  14. Pakua the rice into a large enof dish/bowl so that you can mix it in from time to time before adding in plate for example.bismillah and enjoy with the play and a fresh fruit drink(or water) or yogart drink of choice inshaallah.(note this food needs to be stored in fridge as spoils quick due to choice of spice,so take heeed!)

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